RFID Animal Tags For Pets

RFID technology has been widely used in various industries for its exceptional capabilities in identification and tracking. Our RFID Label Sticker and RFID Tag are designed to provide accurate tracking of inventory, assets, and personnel, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

RFID Label Sticker:
Our RFID Label Sticker is a versatile solution for inventory management, logistics, and asset tracking. The adhesive-backed label can be easily attached to any surface and is compatible with most RFID readers. With a reading range of up to 10 meters, it provides real-time asset tracking and management. The RFID Label Sticker is available in various sizes and materials, including paper, polyester, and polypropylene.

Our RFID Tag is designed for harsh environments and is suitable for asset tracking in various industries. The tag is made from durable materials, including ABS, PVC, and silicone, and can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration. The tag is compatible with most RFID readers and has a long reading range of up to 20 meters, making it perfect for tracking assets in large open spaces.

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