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Dual 125Khz TK4100 Combine UHF Alien H3 Smart RFID Cards

The Dual Frequency Smart Card is a type of two different frequency chip in 1 card,such as 13.56 MHz +125 KHz cards or UHF 860-960 MHz + 13.56 MHz cards,and 125KHz + UHF 860-960 MHz cards. It is a very functional card in smart cards. The hybrid dual-frequency RFID card main feature is two frequency bands.

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Dual 125Khz TK4100 Combine UHF Alien H3 Smart RFID Cards

We all know the Dual frequency smart card  is embedded with a chip inlay or antenna inside, as well as it calls duplicate rfid card, which is widely used in access control system, rfid for condominium, patrol system, attendance system, business management system, and etc. It can be customized to produce personalized  business card, medical care card, member card, and etc. Besides, we provides programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer’s programming or encoding requirements. 
Of course the rfid combine cards with QR code, and rfid combine cards with barcode scanner, such like rfid combine cards on starbucks App.

9662 UHF + ID RFID Combine Cards 9662 UHF + IC RFID Combine Cards
RFID Dual Frequencies Smart Cards
High Frequency RFID IC Cards Factory
  • ISO 9662 protocol 
  • NXP UCODE 8/ UCODE 9 / M4E...
  • 860-960MHz Long Read Distance 
  • Reach Up 8 meters 
  • Multiple Function 
  • High Performance 
  • Read And Write Stable

  • Description:
  • Available Chip:
  1. LF: TK4100 ,EM4200,EM4305,EM4450,T5577 ,Hi-tag1,Hi-tag2.
  2. HF: Fudan F08 1k/4k; MF Classic 1k / 4k; N-tag213/215/216; MF U-ltra-light /-C;MF DE- SFire 2K/4K/8K; MF P-lus-X /S 2K /4K ; I-code Sli -X/S; TI-2048;F-ELICA-LITE-S; To-paz512; Ul-tra-light Vin-card; MF 1k Vin-card s-alto card 
  3. UHF: H3,M4QT,M4E,and so on..
  • Dual Frequency: LF+HF, HF+UHF, LF+UHF.
  • Operating Frequency:125khz,13.56mhz,860-960mhz are optional
  • Size: ISOstandard size: 85.5*54*0.76mm(without chip), 85.5*54*0.84mm(with chip), customized
  • Material: PVC,PET,ABS PETG , Paper are optional
  • Print : Silkscreen printing , offset printing , digital printing 
  • Finish : Matte, glossy , frosted 
  • Available crafts: Signature panel , scratch off , barcode , DOD, engraving numbering , magnetic stripe , hot foil (silver / gold / rainbow foil etc.)
  • Package : 200pcs/box , 2000pcs/carton 
  • Weight : 7KG/1000PCS 

  • Delivery time : 

1,White bank card sample in 1 days 

2,Regards sample 3 days  as your design to printing 

3,5-7 working days within 10000PCS 

4,7-10 working days : 100,000PCS 

Shipping way : DHL ,FedEx ,UPS ,TNT , by air , by sea as your need 

Plastic PVC RFID Combine Cards Factory

Would you like to find rfid combine cards factory from China, please call me or Email me directly.

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