RFID Animal Tags For Pets

RFID Thermal Wristband Series is a smart wristband made of PVC plastic or paper material, which is easy and comfortable to wear, beautiful in appearance, decorative, fashionable and generous, and also supports printing. The wristband is perfect for access control, door cabinet, attendance, consumption, identification, swimming pool, sauna center, amusement park, gym, bathing beach, guardianship management and other occasions. The size and shape, chip type of the final product can be customized according to client's needs.

RFID Thermal Bracelet Series not only has the above advantages, but also has unique advantages in the medical field. RFID Thermal Bands can record the basic information of patients, such as whether they have medical contraindications, nursing requirements, diagnosis and medical order execution records, patient tracking etc. So making them easy and effectively to manage patient. and the RFID patient wristband can also improve patient safety and reduce misidentification problems. In additional, the NFC RFID thermal wristband can also work with Zebra's thermal printer and RFID reader to provide a durable and easy-to-use direct printing solution.

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