Main products
  • UV Ink RFID Hologram Cards
    Anti-Fake UV Ink Desfire EV1 2k RFID Cards

    Our UV anti-fake hologram RFID card is the use of UV ultraviolet ink to print invisible patterns. The bright fluorescent ink patterns can be seen immediately after using a black tube to illuminate in a dark room. The colors can be divided into blue, green, red, and chrysanthemum red. , pink... and other colors.

  • 3-In-1 PVC Combo Magnetic Card
    Silver Powder Printing 3-in-1 PVC Combo Magnetic Card with Barcode

    Our plastic key tag combo cards can be fully customized with your crafts,  such barcode , text, and numbering ,signature panel or scratch off.  And shape and size as well. We use the 100% full new friendly PVC materials, and your barcode will be fully protected under a high gloss laminate.

  • Sle4442/5542 Contact IC Cards
    SLE4442/5542 Contact IC Chip Smart Cards

    This product is a contact IC chip smart card that uses the SLE4442 or SLE5542 chip from Infineon Technologies. It is a secure and reliable card that can store up to 256 bytes of data in an EEPROM memory. It can be used for various applications, such as identification, authentication, access control, payment and more.

  • RFID Access Card For Salto
    13.56MHz FM11RF08 RFID Access Card For Salto

    Our RFID key cards can be customized to suit your requirements, both in terms of their appearance and encryptions.

  • Ntag213 NFC Tag Cards
    20MM Ntag213 NFC Tag Cards With 3M Sticker

    This is a 20MM diameter Ntag213 RFID NFC tag card, which is easy to carry, and can be rewritten and read. It is made of PVC material, with a smooth glossy surface, and has a 3M adhesive sticker on the backside.

  • Saflock RFID Key Cards
    Classic 1K Saflock RFID Key Cards

    These Classic 1K RFID Key Cards are encrypted hotel key cards that have messenger function for use with Saflok hotel locks. Customized design and printing.

  • T5577 RFID Proximity HID Card
    125khz T5577 RFID Proximity HID Card For Access Control

    This is H10301 Format 26 Bit Proximity HID Cards and compatible with all of almost security access control system.ISOProx 1386 1326 H10301 format reader.

  • Monza R6P RFID Tags For Inventory
    Impinj Monza R6P UHF RFID Tags For Inventory

    The R6P UHF RFID Tags can be programming, encrypted, customized antenna design and read distance, frequency according to client's needs. The commonly read distance is 10 meters around, application for inventory tracking.

  • RFID Anti-Metal Tags For Asset Management
    Long Distance Alien H3 RFID Anti-Metal Tags For Asset Management

    The ABS hard logistics label is customized, it can do single color or multi-color printing, barcode or QR code printing, laser engrave, data encoding, etc. And currently we have black, yellow, red, green, blue, pink etc.

  • TK4100 125Khz RFID Epoxy Cards
    Waterproof TK4100 125Khz RFID Epoxy Cards

    Sizes, shape, RFID chip, material, color , Crafts, serial number are available, DAFTags supports OEM services and Free Similar Epoxy RFID Tags samples for you test.

  •  RFID Glass Implantable Animal Tags
    134.2Khz EM4305 RFID Microchip Implantable Animal Tags

    The Implantable Glass Tube Animal Tag is widely used in pet management. It is believed that the application range of implantable RFID glass capsule tags will be expanded in the near future. 

  • Alien H3 RFID Jewellery Tags
    Printable Alien H3 UHF Jewelry Price Tags

    UHF Alien H3 jewelry price laber is a printable UHF passive RFID labels,  it suitable for thermal-transfer printers.And it is a great ideal  for inventory control, pricing, and the identification of optical frames, jewelry pieces, accessories, and other products.

  • RFID Inlay Sheet For RFID Cards
    Custom RFID Inlay Sheet For RFID Cards

    DAFTags provies various of RFID Cards Inlay Sheet or contact modules with hight performance, it can reach 0.3MM ultra thin thickness, various of chips are supported, custom sizes and shapes, or thickness as cilent's need. Custom plastic material as well.

  • Anti-metal Passive RFID Tag
    ISO18000-6c Flexible UHF Anti-metal Tag For Asset Management

    This Cheap Flexible UHF Anti-metal Tag: Anti-metal High Temperature Resistant Hight Strength Adhesive Great Adhesive Flexible And Can Be Stucked On Metallic Assets Easily Specially For Irregular And Uneven Surface Printable Thin And Soft, Flexible.

  • Textile RFID Laundry Tag
    U Code7 U Code8 RFID Tags In Laundry

    The Advantage Of Our UHF Washable Fabric RFID Laundry Tags has: More than 200 wash cycles. Can stick under 60 bar pressure. Both material and design have been tested for reliability. Stable and reliable RF performace. 100% function tested. Can customize size for customers, Soft material, Smaller module inside the tag.

  • RFID Implant Glass Tube Tag
    1.25x7MM 134.2khz RFID Glass Tube Tag Capsule Implant With Injector

    Our the smallest size1.25x7MM Implantable RFID Glass Pets Tags, which widely used for tagging fish, mice, etc such very small animals; while 2x12mm is the common sized and popularly used on the market for dog, cat, horse, etc.

Application Scenario
RFID In Textiles Industrial
RFID In Textiles Industrial
RFID Technology Advantages In Textiles Industrial Description : Wireless monitoring and control applications have flourished thanks to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which assigns a unique identifier to each product. With the advances of passive integrated circuit tags, which draw energy from the electromagnetic waves emitted by an interrogator, RFID applications have expanded t...
Smart Card Application
Smart Card Application
Smart Card Application Smart IC cards are payment cards that have brought us new and convenient ways of living. They have enabled innovations in payment methods, making it easier to pay with smart cards. The payment application allows us to exchange currencies, buy products, use alternative currencies, manage expenses, get rewards, enjoy product discounts, etc. Smart card applications also extend ...
RFID Technology and Its Main Purpose in Healthcare RFID technology is used for three main purposes in healthcare:  tracking,  inventory management,  and validation.  These purposes can provide benefits such as cost savings and improved productivity. •  Tracking: RFID technology can track a product from the supply chain to the clinical workflow. It can also link a product t...
about DAFTags

DAFTags Smartlabel (Hong Kong) Technology Company Limited

DAFTags is a professional company that specializes in production and development of RFID products with over 7 years of industry experience. Our main products included RFID Cards, RFID Tags, RFID Wristbands, and other RFID Products. At DAFTags, we are equipped with several advanced packaging and composite production lines, along with state-of-the-art fully automated production lines. In addition, we have an annual production capacity of over 160 million RFID Cards and RFID Tags, covering an area of 2700 square meters. Additionally, we have been approved by IC certification and ISO 9001:2008, ISO9001, SGS, ROSH, REACH certification. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards, with features such as quick scanning, accurate identification, and long-lasting durability, making your data more secure, more convenient, and more intelligent. Our RFID cards and RFID tags are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as identification, payment, SIM cards, access control, public transportation, banking and finance, computer security, school healthcare, access control, asset tracking, supply chain management, self-service supermarkets, libraries, clothing management, warehouse management system, asset management, logistics management, smart packing management, baggage handling and tracking, breeding traceability system management, anti-counterfeiting ticketing system management, and multi-purpose systems. One of our key advantages is our strict QC process. Each of our products undergoes multiple quality checks to ensure their reliability and performance, giving you peace of mind in their usage. Additionally, Our expertise lies in the heavily specialized manufacture, personalization, smart cards and all aspects of RFID products fulfillment. Operating a policy of constant investment in the latest state of the art technology to maintain our leading position in the competitive RFID market, we can offer everything you need in the RFID industry. Our commitment is to be the partner of choice to customers in our market, by always offering excellence and value in RFID Cards / Tags and RFID products supply solutions. such as: Card design and customization Tag design and customization Frequency and range optimization Software development for RFID tracking systems Integration with existing inventory management systems By choosing DAFTags as your supplier, you are not only getting top-quality products, but also a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing you the best customer service and after-sales support, making your cooperation more easy, more enjoyable, and more lasting.
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Covering an area of 1700 square meters,we now have up to one hundred staff and a capacity of about 160 millions.We have 3 full range of modern and high standard automated production lines of equipments.Additionally,we have been approved by IC certification and ISO 9001:2008 certification.We hold the tenet of"providing you with high-quality,high-performance RFID products,making your data more secure,more convenient,and more intelligent".
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