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RFID Inlay is mainly divided into dry inlay and wet inlay, dry inlay doesn’t contain adhesive, the structure is antenna + chip + chip package; wet inlay contains adhesive, can be directly attached to the item, the structure is antenna + chip + chip package + table Paper + adhesive backing.

Our extensive RFID Inlay portfolio covers a wide range of inlay designs for operation in the UHF, HF and NFC frequency bands, and are commonly found in retail, medical, transport, logistics, and manufacturing industries. also application used in Self-Service Supermarket,Supermarket,Library, Clothing Management,Warehouse Management System,Asset Management,Logistics Management,Product Authentication, Smart Packing Management,Baggage Handling and Tracking,Asset Inventory and Tracking,Event Timing System Management,Liquid-Filled Objects System Management,Item Level Tagging,Breeding Traceability System Management,Tracking Drinking Water Management,Anti-Counterfeiting Ticketing System Management,Distribution Logistics, Other Secondary Processing, etc.

And then RFID Inlays are completely customizable, come in various shapes and sizes and different chip.
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