RFID Animal Tags For Pets
Dry inlay is a term used for a type of RFID label that without any adhesive coating. It consists of an antenna and a chip that are attached to a substrate, typically made of film or paper. Dry inlay is used to make RFID tags or labels by adding a facestock and an adhesive during the conversion process, and the Dry Inlay allows for more customization and flexibility in the size, shape, design, and adhesive of the RFID label.

Dry inlay is widely for multiply applications that require RFID technology, such as inventory management, asset tracking, product authentication, supply chain management, and warehouse management. Dry inlay can be applied to different items and surfaces, such as clothing, books, bottles, packages, an so on. As well as can support different RFID frequencies, such as HF, LF, UHF, or NFC.

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