RFID Animal Tags

HF 13.56mhz I CODE X RFID Dry Inlay

What Is RFID Dry Inlay ?

Usually we descrip " RFID Dry Inlay " that's because the RFID Inlay without adhesive backing. It looks like that laminated together, by using the RFID chip, antenna, substrate material, but without adhesive.

Available secondary processing to RFID label tags/sticker.

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HF 13.56mhz I CODE X RFID Dry Inlay

Our cfactory offer dry inlay, wet inlay, and different various of sizes paper adhesive labels.
Adhesive paper tag has back gum (making of wet inlay), paper RFID tag doesn't have back gum (making of dry inlay).
We own three set of automatic label production lines,  so you don't worried about the production time,  we are able to provide the HF/UHF antenna design technology as well, and we can do design UHF antenna for our clients according their requested too.

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