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Sle4442/5542 Contact IC Chip Smart Cards

Contact Smart Card is typically a plastic credit card-sized card with an embedded integrated circuit IC/ID chip. It looks similar with bank card. Mainly used in identification, payment, SIM, access control, public transit, banking, financial, computer security, schools, healthcare, events, multiple-use systems etc.Smart cards also can provide personal, data storage, and application processing, and read-write supported.

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Sle4442/5542 Contact IC Chip Smart Cards

Sle4442/5542 Contact IC Cards are the size of a regularly credit card or debit card. It contains a single, embedded, integrated circuit smart chip that contains either just memory or memory plus a microprocessor. It widely used in mobile phones, ticketing & monetary transactions, turnstiles vender, loyalty system for promotion, parking meters, e-Payment, mobile payment, payPal, google wallet, ticketing, boarding pass, point of sale, coupons, tour guide, turnstiles, vender, parking meters, loyalty system for promotion, etc. The color and smart chip are the customized supported.

Chip Parameter


SLE4428/FM4428 Contact IC Card

Strorage Capacity

1K×8BitEEPROM,1024bytes, 16 sections, 2 pins for each section

Working Temperature


Reaction Time


Readable & Writable Times

>100,000 times

Data Retention

>10 years

Chip Standard



1、8KBits EEPROM which will enable you to write protect functions as well as programmable security code

2、The FM4428 boasts a irreversible byte-wise write protection, which helps this card to be highly secure.

3、Compatible SLE4428

ISSI4442 IC Cards Contact Smart Card

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