RFID Animal Tags For Pets

The plastic magnetic stripe card is a type of card that has a magnetic stripe on the back, which can store data and be read by a card reader. 

There are two main types of magnetic stripe cards: 300oe Lo-Co Magnetic Stripe Cards, which have a low coercivity and are easy to erase, and 2750oe Magnetic Stripe Cards, which have a high coercivity and are more durable. 

The magnetic stripe can have different colors, such as black, gold, silver, green, brown, etc. You can also customize the color according to your preference.

The Plastic Magstripe Cards are very convenient, affordable, and versatile. They can be used for various purposes, such as credit cards, bank cards, ticket cards, game cards, membership cards, promotion cards, and more. They can help you store and manage your information securely and efficiently. Magnetic stripe cards are a popular and practical choice for your card needs.

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