RFID Animal Tags For Pets

  • RFID Animal Microchip Tag has waterproof and moistureproof, heat and freeze resistance , durable , not easy to damage, using long life, Against ultraviolet, no cracking, no skin irritation.  Dimension: 1.25*7mm, 1.4*8mm, 2*8mm, 2*12mm, 3*15mm ect, while 2*12mm is more common.
  • Animal ID ISO11784/5 FDX-B RFID Pet Microchip Tags suitable for injecting in many pets, such as in cats, dogs, experimental rats, pets...allowing tagging of almost all types of animals.
  • Usually in dogs and cats, RFID Pet Microchip Implant Tags are inserted below the skin at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades on the dorsal midline. According to one official reference, most of continental European pets gets the implant in the left side of the neck. The Implantable RFID Animal Glass Tube Microchip Tags can often be felt under the skin.

  • The Feature Of TPU RFID Cow/Cattle/Goat/Pig Ear Tag, which has waterproof and moistureproof, as well as can be laser marking or hot stamping, included company logo, text , letters, numbers, barcode, etc,. TPU material heat and freeze resistance , durable , not easy to damage. Available Chip: Alien H3/ EM4305 /EM4200...

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