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Waterproof 13.56MHz RFID Plastic Wristbands For Spa

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  • Waterproof 13.56MHz RFID Plastic Wristbands For Spa

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The Waterproof 13.56MHz RFID Plastic Wristbands are design for VIP membership centre, such as Spa, Gym, Club, Sauna, Swimming Pool, and other waterpark environments and so on. This plastic wristband using RFID technology to solve security problem about RFID access control, the bracelet operates with 13.56MHz ( Can be customized 125KHz, 860-960MHz is available, according to client's needs). Identification quickly and accurately. In additional, the plastic bracelet that using lightweight material and the feature with an waterproof and durable, resist high temperatures and chemicals, so it is very suitable for water environment.

The special one feature is that this wristband has a spring-like elasticity, which means it can stretch and contract to fit different wrist sizes and be worn comfortably. The wristband also has a snap closure, which makes it easy to put on and take off. 

Plastic Wristbands/Bracelet Details Display:
- Material: Plastic
- Plate: 32mm
- Dia: 65mm
- Colours: black,red,yellow,blue,pink etc
- Operate Temperature: -20c to 80c

Color Selection :

Plastic RFID Wristbands Factory Plastic RFID Bracelets Factory Waterproof Plastic RFID Wristbands Manufacturer

3.Scratch resistant, Durable
4.Moisture-proof:Suitable for the humid environment.

Why Choose Us :
1. High Quality Control :We have strict QC system, Twice QC lines arranged before delivery.
2. High Reputation :Our clients include many World Brand Companies.
3. Responsible Sales :We concern what you concern.
4. All-around ON TIME service :We work late to meet your urgent needs.
5. Competitive Price:OEM supplier offering direct Factory price.
6. On Time Deliver :Powerful production capability ensure shortest deliver schedule.
7. Strong epoxy : beautiful and strong

100PCS/OPP Bag, 12Bags/Box , 1200PCS/Carton

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