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Adjustable TK4100 Nylon RFID Wristbands For Access Control

TK4200 Chip,125KHz, Nylon Material, Waterproof, Adjustable, Read Only, Unique UID. Customized, Logo, color.
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  • Adjustable TK4100 Nylon RFID Wristbands For Access Control  

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The Adjustable TK4100 Nylon RFID Wristbands for Access Control are a versatile and secure solution for managing access in various environments. These Nylon bracelets are designed with an adjustable strap made of durable nylon material, comfortable and secure to wear. The TK4100 RFID chip used in these wristbands operates at a frequency of 125kHz, allowing for reliable and accurate identification. The wristbands can be easily programmed and integrated into existing access control systems. The nylon material is resistant to water, wear, and tear, making these wristbands suitable for long-term use in indoor and outdoor settings. With these RFID wristbands, you can enhance security and streamline access control processes in your facility.

Product Details:
Adjustable RFID Nylon Wristbands Manufacturer
Item Adjustable RFID Nylon Bracelets
Size 245*16MM
Material Nylon
Chip TK4100
Chip Type Contactless
Frequency 125KHz
Other chip can be customizable
  • LF125KHz: TK4100,EM4200,T5577,Hitag 1,Hitag 2,Hitag S  etc.
  • HF13.56MHz: FM11RF08,MF1 S50,MF1 S70,MF Ultralight,I-CODE2,TI2048,SRI512 etc.
  • UHF860MHz-960MHz: UCODE GEN2,ALIEN H3,IMPINJ M4 etc.
Hospital for mother and baby care; Swimming poor; Concert; Event;  Access control, Patient identification,Event ticketing, Gaming and identity, Hotel management, Exhibition events,Identity recognition, Attendance system, Access control system, Property identification, Patrol system, Enterprises One card solution system,etc

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