Where Is RFID Used?
Nov 17 , 2020

Where Is RFID Used?

  • What is RFID?
RFID tag is the common name of radio frequency identification (RFID). RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification in English. Radio frequency identification technology is the use of radio frequency signals through spatial coupling (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) to achieve contactless information transmission, and by the information transmitted to achieve the purpose of automatic identification technology. RFID label tag (RFID) technology is an automatic item identification technology that developed rapidly in the 1990s. When each product is manufactured, it is given a rfid label with unique information, so that people can obtain the relevant information of the product at any time through the identifier (or reader/writer) no matter where it circulates. RFID label tags are currently the most advanced non-contact sensing technology. Since 1998, Texas Instruments (TI) and Philips of the Netherlands announced the development of a cheap non-contact sensing chip. In 2000, international standardization The organization has written this non-contact sensor chip into the international standard ISO15693. Due to its unique characteristics and advantages, it is now widely used in various industries and fields.

  • What are the applications of RFID tags?

1. Logistics:

Tracking in the logistics process, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications, express delivery.

2. Retail:

real-time statistics on the sales data of commodities, replenishment and anti-theft.

3. Manufacturing:

real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, and automated production.

4. Clothing industry:

automated production, warehouse management, brand management, single product management, channel management.

5. Medical treatment:

medical equipment management, patient identification, baby anti-theft.

6. Identification:

electronic passports, ID cards, student IDs and other electronic documents.

7. Anti-counterfeiting:

anti-counterfeiting of valuables (tobacco, alcohol, medicine), anti-counterfeiting of tickets, etc.

8. Asset management:

all kinds of assets (precious or large quantity, high similarity or dangerous goods, etc.).

9. Transportation:

high-speed non-stop, taxi management, bus hub management, railway locomotive identification, etc.

10. Food:

Manage the freshness of fruits, vegetables, fresh, food, etc.

11. Animal identification:

identification and management of training animals, livestock, pets, etc.

12. Libraries:

bookstores, libraries, publishing houses and other applications.

13. Automobile:

manufacturing, anti-theft, positioning, car keys.

14. Aviation:

manufacturing, passenger ticket, luggage and parcel tracking.

15. Military:

identification and tracking of ammunition, guns, materials, personnel, trucks, etc.

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