What Is A Membership Card?
Nov 23 , 2020
What Is A Membership Card?

Membership cards refer to those issued by entertainment, fitness, beauty, tourism, catering and other industry institutions as well as shopping malls, clubs, hotels, clubs, etc., which have a certain value, amount or consumption times, they used by cardholders for membership authentication in consumer activities identify and use the vouchers for consumption, exemption from payment or discount.

  • What's The Standard Size Of Membership Card?
Please see below:

The standard size is bank card size: 85.5*54*0.76MM
  1. Thickness of plastic standard card without chip: 0.76(±0.02)MM
  2.  Thickness of plastic standard card with chip: 0.84(±0.02)MM
  3. Customized size are available.

  • Optional Crafts:

  • Card surface: Glossy, Matte, Frosted
  • Print: Screen printing and offset printing are commonly.
– Pouch round or oval hole 
– Hologram
– Hot Stamping(Gold/Silver/Rainbow/others foil)
– Magnetic stirp,LoCo 300/650oe,HiCo 2750/4000oe (2 Ttrcks or 3 tracks,black/Brown/gold/silver mag or demand)
– Thermal print number/Embossed Numbers or letters in silver or gold color/Laser Engraving Numbering/DOD
– Scratch off 
– Spot UV
– Signature Panel
– Gold/Silver Sprinkle
– Metallic printing in gold or silver background
– Barcode(13 barcode, 128 barcode, 39 barcode)/ QR barcode, etc.
– Security : Varnish Oil Finish/Anti-Fake Printing/Dand With Photo/Hidden UV Printing/OVI securiting printing/Braille/Fluorescent/Micro text printing etc.
– Smart Chip

  • The Type Of Membership cards:
  1. Membership cards can be divided into printing membership cards, magnetic stripe membership cards, IC membership cards, ID membership cards.
  2. Membership cards can be divided into several types according to their levels: VIP membership cards, membership gold cards, membership silver cards, and ordinary membership cards.
  3. Membership card can be divided into: prepaid membership card, discount membership card.

  • In conclusion:

Membership card is one of identification ID cards, which is the most commonly and most popular loyalty cards in consumers industry. The customers can obtain after-sales services and benifits through the membership VIP cards, and then enjoy the dicount when clients buy products again.And then merchants can effectively increase the reputation of the business, obtain the largest customer and keep to the customers back.

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