What Is The PVC Card?
Mar 15 , 2021
  • What Is The PVC Card? 

  • Description:
PVC Card is made of plastic pvc, which can waterproof, printable, die cut different shape's plastic cards. PVC material has good processability, and can be made by various processes on it, forming a beautiful and colorful layout.

At present, our common cards include various types of membership cards, access cards, attendance cards or rfid cards ( id cards/id cards), contact smart cards ( ISSI4442/4428 contact IC cards, FM4442/4428 contact chip cards ), Magnetic stripe cards, CPU cards, epoxy cards, and other plastic card printing.

  • Production process of pvc card:
  • Offset printing: also known as offset printing, color requirements for CMYK and other color, gradient layout.
  • Surface treatment, hot stamping, silver, laser effect on printed semi-finished cards.
  • Magnetic strip pvc card: The magnetic strip is attached to the printed material before lamination, and the magnetic strip is permanently attached to the card surface after high temperature.
  • Silk Printing: Monochrome printing, mainly with gold, silver background, printing color than offset printing single, but thick color.
  • Barcode: Print a barcode on a semi-finished card, which can be a running number or a specific number.
  • UV: In the printed semi-finished products on the surface of UV treatment, bright surface, feel.
  • Embossed character: In the process of embossing, gold and silver can be stamped by pressing the embossing number on the semi-finished card. 

  • Three Points for Attention in Making PVC Cards
1. PVC cards are printed matter. They are different from computer display color. Please do not take computer color as the standard.
2. The printing effect of different PVC materials is different. The difference between the poor PVC and the original manuscript is great.
3. PVC has many grades in materials, so now there are many manufacturers with different prices in card making industry.

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