RFID Animal Ear Tags
Apr 14 , 2021
  • RFID Ear Tags

  • What Is A RFID Livestock Ear Tag ?
The Livestock Ear Tag is like our identification ID card, and records the entire process of beef cattle from birth to slaughter. There are records for exit and transit disinfection. Ear tags can be traced back to the cattle's place of production, vaccination records and disease occurrence, and the situation of treatment.

  • Product Description:
Animal RFID Ear Tag is a type of tag that is designed exclusively for animal breeding and slaughter management, especially for large livestock like cow/sheep.
Each tag is produced with top quality chips with read / write ability and features unique data security.

This product offers open-top-side and closed-top-side two designs. Adopting the over molding process, it is waterproof and anti-spillage.  This Ear Tag offers a positive solution in animal breeding, slaughter management and animal identification.

  • Main Features:
  1. TPU material heat and freeze resistance , durable , not easy to damage.
  2. Chrome or copper plated nail head, not easy to loosen , corrosion resistant and resistant.
  3. Anti-disease,humanization, effective prevention of inflammation caused by ear tegs.
  4. Suitable for most ear tags pliers on the market, firm and not easy to fade. Humanized design, wide application.

  • Our Advantage:
1. Shape : Customized abrasive tools can be developed according to the actual application scenarios of customers
2. Performance : can match and adjust a variety of chips to meet functional requirements
3. Material : According to the application environment, select packaging materials that are resistant to temperature, acid, alkali, UV, etc.
4. Color : the color can be customized when placing an order of 5000
5. Customized Craft : the surface can be laser silk-screened, etc.
6. Over 5 years of production experience, quality is guaranteed.
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