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CR80 30Mil Full Color Printing PVC Business Cards

These plastic PVC name cards have a glossy finish and a laminated layer that can protect the cards from being easily scratched, and make them waterproof and durable. You can customize the design and printing as you like.
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  • CR80 30Mil Full Color Printing PVC Business Cards

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This plastic business card has a gold foil effect on the surface, which you can choose for any information, such as your company logo, name, phone number, etc. It also has a QR code, which makes it easy for people to scan and add you on WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. PVC business cards usually have a thickness of 0.3 to 0.76 mm, but 0.38 mm is the most suitable, as it is not too thick or too thin. You can also decide the thickness according to your preference.

1,Material : 100% full new PVC plastic 

2,Size : 85.5*54MM or as your need 

3,Card surface : glossy , matte ,frosted 

4,Thickness : 0.15-1.5MM , as your requested 

5,Smart Chip : as your requested 

6,Available crafts: UV spot , magnetic stripe , signature panel , scratch off , barcode , DOD , engraving numbering or demand 

7,Application : various of shop , restaurant , various lub , events etc

8,Package : 1PCS / OPP bag , 250PCS / Box , 2000PCS / Carton ; 12Kg / 2000PCS 

9, Production Time:
Normal 3-5 Working days after payment (below 10000pcs),
5~7 Working  days after checking the 50% deposit (below 50,000pcs),
7-10 Working days if over 100,000PCS

Plastic PVC Magstripe Stripe Cards Printing Plastic PVC Discount Cards

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