What Are RFID Cards?
Oct 24 , 2020
What Are RFID Cards?

Do you know what is rfid cards? Have you seen it and use it? Today I am here, let me tell you that what is an RFID cards?

  • First, RFID is the general name of radio frequency technology system, and RFID card is radio frequency card also call contactless RFID cards. then you might will ask what is radio frequency card? I will explain here, radio frequency card is a chip card with frequency induction, the card contains IC or ID chip, The cards currently appearing on the market can be divided into low frequency cards ( 125KHz RFID ID card), high frequency cards (13.56MHz RFID IC card), and UHF RFID cards (915M Hz) according to frequency.

  • Some people will also ask me what is an IC card? What is an ID card? In fact, most of the membership card we see in our daily life that is IC cards, such as bus cards, key cards, access cards, payment cards,parking cards etc. Whatever IC card or ID card, the both RFID cards are the rfid smart chip contained in the cards. The main difference is the IC card is 13.56Mhz high frequency card, and the ID card is 125Khz low frequency cards, but it is very difficult to distinguish from the appearance.

The image above shows that it is ABS ID keychain card. I think that the ABS keyfob cards are very commonly in our daily life. It is the most widely used in domestic community access control system management.

  • RFID cards can be divided into two types: ISO standard cards and non-standard cards. The standard card size is: 85.5*54*0.76mm. Generally speaking, it can be called shape cards as long as it is not this standard size RFID card.

  • Above we talked about 13.56MHz high-frequency IC cards and 125KHz low-frequency ID cards. There is also an UHF (ultra-high frequency) card, such as G2 white card. rfid UHF cards are widely used in production enterprises or special facilities.

The UHF card has a larger memory and can encoded more data. The hot "blockchain" concept is directly related to this UHF card or rfid label tag.

  • The rfid wristbands shown above is widely used in bathing centers or water parks. Because it has a waterproof function and is easy to carry.

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