Market Trend and Development Trend Of Epoxy Card
Jan 28 , 2021

Market Trend and Development Trend Of Epoxy Card


Epoxy Cards are also a common card in the market, but its unique shape is loved by many young people. Epoxy NFC cards are made of a variety of material printing and imported crystal epoxy on the surface. The product is dust-proof, waterproof, non-foaming, transparent like glass, and has a good three-dimensional effect, so the glue card is currently widely used in the market.

Epoxy RFID cards are beautiful and generous, and the market share is increasing. So far, the production volume of epoxy cards is about 35 billion in the world.

Epoxy cards have an increasing market share and involve a wide range of industries. They are currently used in membership management, points, consumption systems, all-in-one card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control and attendance, and identification. Bus. Epoxy cards can be customized with any pattern. Various cartoon shapes can be produced according to the different requirements of customers, with bright colors and vivid images. It is an ideal choice for various corporate promotional activities.

Advantages of Epoxy Card:
  • The appearance is small and exquisite, durable, and does not fade.
  • The product is waterproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion.
  • It can be hung on the keychain for easy carrying.
  • A variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • It can be produced according to the appearance design provided by the customer.
  • A variety of 125Khz/13.56Mhz chips can be packaged on demand, and can be composite packaged.
  • ID code and serial number can be sprayed.

Nowadays, bus cards are trusted, and the usage rate of users is getting higher and higher. Epoxy cards are not only beautiful in appearance, good in hand, but also not easy to damage and are easy to carry. Therefore, in the current market, the industries that epoxy cards penetrate And the usage rate is getting higher and higher.

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