Magnetic Stripe Cards
Dec 21 , 2020
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards

  • What Is The Magnetic Stripe Cards?
  • The magnetic stripe card is a liquid magnetic material or a magnetic stripe position information carrier, and the liquid magnetic material is coated on the card.

  • The classification according to technical:
  1. The first one is a high magnetic (HICO) card, which is encoded with an intensity of 2750Oe or 4000Oe;
  2. The  second one is coded with a low magnetic (LOCO) card, that is with an intensity of 300 Oe.

  • What Information Is stored On A Credit Card Magnetic Stripe?
  • Magnetic card is a magnetic recording medium card. It is made of high-temperature and resistant plastic or paper-coated plastic, which is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, flexibility, easy to carry, and is more stable and reliable in used.
  • Usually, one side of the magnetic card is printed with explanatory information, such as the direction of the card; on the other hand, there is a magnetic layer or a magnetic stripe with 2 track and 3 track to record relevant information and data.
  • There are 3 track on the magnetic stripe. Tracks 1 and 2 are read-only magnetic strips. When in use, the information recorded on the tracks can only be read out and cannot be written or modified.
  • The magnetic stripe track 3 is a read and write supported, which can be read or written during use.
  • Track 1 can record numbers (0-9), letters (a-z) and some other symbols (such as brackets, separators, etc.), can be up to 79 numbers or letters.
  • The characters recorded in tracks 2 and tracks 3 can be numbers (0-9) only. Track 2 can record up to 40 characters, and track 3 can record up to 107 characters.

  • What's Application Of Magnetic Stripe Cards?
  • The magnetic stripe cards are widely used in payment, access control system,amusement park,museum,bank cards,supermarket,membership cards, gift cards,hotel key cards etc,.

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