IC Card
Dec 30 , 2020

  • IC Card

  • What Is IC Card?
IC Card (Integrated Circuit Card, integrated circuit card), some countries and regions are also called smart card (smart card), smart card (intelligent card), microcircuit card (microcircuit card) or microchip card, etc. It embeds a microelectronic chip in a card base that meets the ISO 7816 standard and makes it into a card form. The IC card reader is the bridge between the IC card and the application system. It is called the interface device (IFD) in the ISO international standard. The CPU in the IFD is connected to the IC card through an interface circuit and communicates. The IC card interface circuit is a vital part of the IC card reader. According to the actual application system, different IC card reader chips such as parallel communication, half-duplex serial communication and I2C communication can be selected.

  IC card is also known as radio frequency card. Bank Card (Bank Card) is a general term for new service tools issued by banks for customers to handle deposits and withdrawals. Bank cards include credit cards, check cards, automated teller cards, debit cards, and Emmanuel cards. Because all kinds of bank cards are made of plastic and used for deposits and withdrawals and transfer payments, they are also called "plastic currency."

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