How To Choose Card Surface For Plastic Cards ?
Dec 10 , 2020
  • How To Choose Card Surface For Plastic Cards ?

1. Glossy Plastic Cards 
The glossy surface means that the surface is smooth, bright and highly reflective, which can achieve a certain mirror effect. If the design pattern is rich, the color is bright, and the color difference is large, it is better to choose a glossy surface in this case, which can improve the gloss and color purity of the card, and improve the visual effect of the entire card.

The disadvantages of glossy cards are that they are not resistant to dirt, wear, and scratches on the surface.

2. Matte Plastic  Cards 

The matte surface is just the opposite of the glossy surface. Although the surface is smooth, it does not reflect light. Even in places with strong light, it looks very weak. It has a non-mirror effect and a delicate touch. If the background color of the designed card is dark and the pattern is relatively simple, matte cards are generally chosen for the following reasons:

1. The matte card is resistant to dirt, wear, and scratches;
2. If the dark card is made into a glossy surface, the mirror effect will be very obvious, with a little scratch. 3. It is easy to see and affect the appearance.

Optional crafts on the surface: magnetic stripe, barcode, rabbit, scratch, hot stamping, UV embossing, chips and so on. 

3. Frosted Plastic Cards 
The matte surface is as non-reflective as the matte surface. There is a layer of matte on the surface, which can protect the card surface and is not easy to produce scratches. It has a grainy feel, looks rough and simple, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and has a good texture.
Usually, the effect of black laminated matte surface, and then printing a transparent Uv effect is better, more show the high-end atmosphere of the black card!

At the same time, various process effects can be made on the surface: magnetic stripe, barcode, QR code, scratch off, signature panel, hot stamping, UV spot, embossed/laser engraving number, smart chips, anti-fake, hologram, etc. .
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