About Application Of Identification Of Animals
Aug 08 , 2020
About Application Of Identification Of Animals

  • Why is so important about animal identification?
Animal diseases are one of the main problems affecting animal food safety and hygiene. The spread of animal diseases will not only cause harm to the safety of livestock and poultry, but also to the overall image of a region. When animals suffer from diseases, not only will the quality of livestock products be reduced, but also the diseases will be transmitted to people through meat, milk, eggs and their products, causing food poisoning, zoonotic infectious diseases or parasitic diseases, which will affect consumers ’ Physical health and safety of life even endanger national security and social stability. In order to effectively control the occurrence, spread and spread of the disease, it is necessary to find the source of the disease from the source, so as to fundamentally cut off the spread of the disease.
There are many types and huge amounts of animal husbandry informations. With the original manual mode, it is bound to be stretched and unsustainable. Therefore, the establishment of an animal traceability system is a basic task to solve the animal food safety problem.
In order to solve the data collection, identification and tracking in harsh environments such as animal breeding, slaughtering, processing, warehousing, logistics and transportation, it is necessary to establish an animal traceability information management system and comprehensively use the Internet of Things industry technologies such as barcode identification and radio frequency identification (RFID) , Connect the collected data to each other through the communication network, carry out information exchange and communication, implement intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management, and realize the traceability of animal food production, processing, transportation, circulation and retail links Information for identification, registration, supervision and prevention analysis.

So the tagging animals with RFID is an important tool for farmer, in order to identify each animal with its information like origin, pedigree, medical details, etc. As well as with the help of software, to keep updated the information by uploading the new information like veterinary visits.

  • How do you identify livestock?
The animal traceability information management system is composed of a central database and a provincial database, with animal identification as the main line, using network communication, two-dimensional barcodes, RFID, embedded devices, smart cards, databases and other technologies to collect immunization, origin quarantine, road supervision 1. All aspects of slaughter and quarantine are intertwined, and the main business data of animals and animal products are recorded and tracked throughout the process to achieve full supervision and management of the entire process from ear tag production and distribution, to animal feeding and circulation, to animal slaughter and animal product sales.

Functions of animal traceability information management system.

The animal traceability information management system is based on the application of key Internet of Things technologies, using barcode technology and RFID technology to identify the products produced by each processing point in the food supply chain, and collect the existing identification information on the food materials used. Add all its identification information to the product for the next producer or consumer to use to establish a complete traceability system. The system supports mobile office, provides an interface for the external information of the government, enterprise and public information interconnection service, and provides a comprehensive system overall solution for business applications with multi-channel access, multiple application terminals and multiple supervision methods.

1. Animal label management

2. Management of animal disease information

3. Epidemic situation management

4. Early warning of epidemic situation

5. Analysis and decision information assistance

6. Certificate management

7. Consignor management

8. Query statistics

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