RFID Animal Tags

134.2KHz RFID ID Animal Microchip Glass Tube Tag With Syringe

RFID Animal Microchip Tag ,also called RFID Animal Glass Tube Tag which especially designed for animal ID identification. It meets the ISO standard and are available with parylene coating to prevent migration of the tag once implanted.
RFID Animal Pet Glass Tag has a unique ID number as like our ID identification card. Available frequency 134.2khz,125Khz,13.56Mhz,can be with syringe or implant by yourself .

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134.2KHz RFID ID Animal Pet Microchip Glass Tag With Injector

Main Features:
  1. High security and high reliability
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Anti-allergy
  4. Anti-rejection
  5. Passive glass transponder 
  6. Meets ISO 11784 /11785 FDX-B
  7. A microchip with unmatched quality that is built to last for years to come.
  8. Sterilization: 100% Medical-grade sterilization
  9. Especially designed for animal identification
  10. Bio-glass encapsulation
  11. Small size with long read range required
  12. Available anti-collision in LF and HF
  13. Unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption
  14. High stability over fluctuating temperatures

RFID Glass Capsule Pets Tags

Product Name
RFID Animal Glass Tube Tag With Injector 
Chip Type
Read and write
125KHz / 134.2KHz / 13.56MHz
ISO 11785 & ISO 11784 / FDX-B
Write Times
> 1,000,000 times
1.25*7mm, 1.4*8mm, 2*8mm, 2*12mm, 3*15mm ect
Biological material coating coverage, Bio-glass, Anti-bacterial, Anti-allergy
Anti-electrostatic breakdown, Anti-pressure above 5000V
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature
-40°C ~ 70 °C
Working Time
> 20 years
Read Range
20 - 50 mm
Syringe Color
Syringe Material
Packaging Material
Medical-grade sterilization pouch
Syringe Sterilization
EO Gas
Operating Temperature
-10°C - 45°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C - 50°C
Period of Validity
5 years
Implantable RFID Tag For Animal

RFID Microchip ID Tag For Animal ID Tracking
1, High Quality Needle 
The injection needle is made of high-quality stainless steel , the oblique mouth is flat ,
and the angle of the blade angle is easy to puncture , and the pain is small.

2,Metal Texture Body 
Medical grade polyvingyl chloride(PVC) as raw material durable, safe materials , green environmental protection .

EM4305 RFID Microchip ID Tag For Animal
3,High Performance Glass Tube 
High performance and security , Material is medical grade bio-glass with working life as long as 20 years .
Sterilized by EO for 24 hours to protect animal from being infected .

EM4305 RFID Microchip ID Tag For Pets
Injectable RFID Glass Tube Tag For Animal
4,Independent Packing 
Each syringe is individually packaged, hygienic and health , resistant to bacterial invasion , and can be used directly without disinfection .

125Khz RFID Animal Glass Tube TagRFID Animal ID Tag

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