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Printable UHF Flexible On-metal Label For Warehouse Shelf

Flexible, Printable, easy to attached on irregular and uneven surface.
This UHF Flexible Anti Tag can be customized company logo printing,encoding,barcode,number,etc. 1 days fast delivery, in stock ! The Size 70*30*1MM Or Customized.

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  • Printable UHF Flexible On-metal Label For Warehouse Shelf

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Printable UHF Flexible On-metal Label is widely used for irregular and uneven surface, for example, steel boiler,metal container,steel pipe,etc. As well as this UHF Anti-Metal Tag can be printed and programmed by RFID printers simultaneously, such as Zebra R110Xi4, ZT410 Silverline,Sato CL4NX,Toshiba SX-5,Printronix SL4M,Postek Tx3r,etc.

Physical Features:
UHF Flexible On-metal Label
70*30*1 mm
Working Temp
Survival Temp
RFID Features:
RFID Standard
EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
Chip Type
Impinj Monza R6-P
EPC Memory
User Memory
Max Read Range 
865-868MHz 6 meters
902-928MHz 6 meters
Other Features:
Data Storage
> 10 years
100,000 times
Company logo printing,Encoding,Barcode,Number,etc
  • Warehouse shelf
  • IT asset tracking
  • Metallic container tracking
  • Equipment&device tracking
  • Automotive components tracking, etc.

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