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Customized Contactless Ntag215 NFC RFID Membership Cards

Contactless RFID NFC Cards are very widely used, can read and write, and data encode are supported, easy to read, quite reliability and long life, more security than magnetic stripe cards.
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Customized Contactless Ntag215 NFC RFID Smart Cards

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The RFID NFC Card is Contactless Smart Cards, which can printable on cards or any crafts you need on card surface. It widly used in Payment, access control, hotel, school, government, parking, entertainment etc. Our printed rfid cards are used CMYK offset printing combination with silkscreen printing powered and makes these NFC RFID cards more shiny and beautiful, hight-end. Hotstamping gold foil as well,of course other crafts are available.
DAFTags is a professional plastic rfid smart card exporter over 5 years.

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Iterm Customized Ntag215 RFID NFC Cards
Material PVC、PET、PETG、ABS,Wood
Size 85.5*54MM
Thickness 0.86MM or as your requirements
Print Offset Printing、Silkscreen Printing
Card Surface Glossy,Matte,Frosted
125KHz、13.56MHz、860-960MHz are available
Crafts Magnetic stripe,signature panel,data encode,Barcode,QR code,DOD,Embossed,Hotstamping、anti-fake etc.
Available chip
  • LF 125KHz, e.g: TK4100/EM4305/T5577/Hitag 1 etc. 
  • HF 13.56MHz, e.g: MF S50/S70/Ultralight/I CODE /F08/Ntag213/Ntag215/Ntag216/DESfire /SRI512/PLUS etc. 
  • UHF 840-960MHz, e.g: H3/H4/U Code/Monza 3/Monza 4QT etc. 
  • Please consult our sales for more chips.
Corporations, Hotel, School, advertisement, Health care, Travel, Access Control & Security, Bank, Supermarket, Time Attendance,Parking and Payment, Club/SPA Membership Management etc.

  • What type of smart cards do we have?

  • Plastic Contact IC Cards
  • Plastic Dual Frequency Cards

  • Plastic Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Plastic RFID Sticker Cards

  • Why they keeping work with us ?

  • Other supplies
  • Our Factory
  • Using rough and crisp material
  • Using the smooth and resilient 100% full new material

  • Using second-hand printers while only result in a dull color of the product
  • Using Heidelberg SX-52 Speedmaster printing machine, so the cards will be bright-colored and beautiful

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