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13.56Mhz Contactless Secure Credit Card Protector Shielding Cards

Our contactless shielding cards mainly use a combination of special circuit boards and absorbing materials. And the size is the same as credit card size. Low cost and effectively prevent the risk of theft and leakage of privacy information.

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13.56Mhz Contactless Secure Credit Card Protector Shielding Cards

Shortly Description:

Normal smart card, it will be showed card information once they was read by card reader. Most smart cards, such as credit cards, Identification cards, passport, and debit cards, certificates and other smart cards. All they use RFID technology to store information in 13.56 MHz high-frequency. So, the personal information inside the cards can be very easily to stolen through NFC mobile phones or other readers. 
And compared with the anti-theft wallet of RFID, a shield card not only can protect the information security of bank card at low cost and effectively prevent the risk of theft and leakage of privacy information. but also the cost of the shielded card will be greatly reduced. So, it is very necessary to build a your shielding cards.

Product Details:

Product Iterm
RFID NFC Blocking Cards

Blocking Frequency 
PVC+aluminum foil or PVC+chip module
1.3mm or as your requirements
Silkscreen printing, offset printing, anti-counterfeiting printing
Surface finish
Matt or gloss
Shielding distance
Protect your credit card from theft (Credit card,debit card,passport etc.)
Anti-scan,Anti Degaussing ,Anti Theft 

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