What Rre RFID Cards
Aug 04 , 2020
What Rre RFID Cards

RFID card is a similar credit cards, is also called RFID smart cards, by enabling a chip embedded and an antenna in a card to communicate with a scanner via a radio signal. Most RFID cards are designed to contain a unique identification number that can be allows users to identify items. it can be divide into 125KHz low frequency RFID cards,13.56MHz hf rfid cards and uhf rfid cards and dual frequency smart cards etc.

The standard card size is 85.5*54MM with 0.76MM thickness, offset printing or silkscreen printing or digital printing are available. different crafts and size are customized as client's requirements. such as signature panel, magnetic stripe, scratch off, hot stamping foil, embossed or engraving numbering, barcode, encode data ...

RFID smart cards

RFID cards are widely used in:
-Access management
-Tracking of goods
-Tracking of persons and animals
-Toll collection and contactless payment
-Machine readable travel documents
-Tracking sports memorabilia to verify authenticity
-Airport baggage tracking logistics
-Timing sporting events



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