What Is EM4200 Proximity Card?
Sep 10 , 2020

What Is EM4200 Proximity Card?

EM4200 proximity card is a type of contactless smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device. It commonly used for control access system, payment, time attendance, events ticketing, parking, etc.

As we all know, EM4200 chip is an upgraded chip of EM4100/EM4102 chip (EM4100/EM4102 chip has been discontinued).

  • Parameters of EM4200 chip card:
Card Type:Contactless IC card ID card
Size: 85.5× 54× 0.9mm
Working frequency: 125KHZ
Protocol standard: ISO7815 protocol
Working temperature: -20 ~ +65℃
Packaging materials: PVC, PET, ABS
Reading distance: 1-10cm
Data retention: 10 years
Erase and write times: 100000 times
Reading and writing method: non-contact IC card

  • Applications:
Access Control
Membership Card Management
Fitness Club
Events Ticketing and so on.

  • Crafts Optional :
RFID Thin card/RFID Thick card;
Glossy/Matte/Frosted surface;
Gold/Silver Bottom;
Hotstamping(gold foil,silver foil, green foil or as your's requirements)
UV oil
UV Spot
Laser Code/Ebossed Number
Signature Strip
Magnetic Stripe
Punching, etc.

EM4200 is fully compatible with K4100. Such the chip performance, using are exactly the same as EM4200. Because EM4200 is an original chip by N X P company, it will takes many additional fees( such as customs duty), so compared with the TK4100, the price is relatively high.
However, TK4100 is produced by China, with low production cost and reasonable price and short production cycle .  Therefore, more and more clients willing to use TK4100 chip to instead of EM4200 chip.

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