What Is A RFID Blocking Card?
Sep 16 , 2020

What Is A RFID Blocking Card?

RFID blocking card is a type of shielding smart card, which can be protected effectively and high security your personal information from theft. Using the new RFID technology to blocking wallets block RFID signals, and then blocking read and duplicated by reader.

As we all know, normal smart card, it will be showed card informations once they was read by card reader. However, When we put the NFC blocking card together with the smart card in our wallet , the informations of bank card won't be read by reader.  At present, most of us Bank cards and certificates use RFID technology to store information, which can be stolen through NFC mobile phones or other readers. Cards and personal information may be exposed and spread at any time. A high-frequency anti-theft card can protect bank card information security at low cost and effectively prevent risks such as theft and leakage of private information. So, it is very necessary to build a your shielding cards.

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