How Does RFID Card Work?
Oct 28 , 2020
How Does RFID Card Work?

  • RFID Cards Description:

RFID card is a radio frequency indentation card, which is wireless contactless use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. With RFID chip and antenna in cards, it can be read or written. RFID card can be allowed user to automatically and uniquely indentify and access control or payment. RFID contactless cards have three primary frequency – Low Frequency, High Frequency, and Ultra-High Frequency.

  1. Standard Frequency:125KHz
  2. Read Range: Contact - 10 Centimeters
  3. Applications: Access Control, Car Key-Fob, Time Attendance...
  4. Cons: Very Short Read Range, Limited Quantity of Memory, Low Data Transmission Rate, High Production Cost
Low Frequency RFID Cards

  • High Frequency RFID Cards
  1. Standard Frequency:13.56 MHz
  2. Read Range: Near Contact - 30 Centimeters
  3. Applications: Access Control, Hotel, Payment Management, Parking, Ticketing...
  4. Pros: NFC Global Protocols, Larger Memory Options, Global Standards
  5. Cons: Short Read Range, Low Data Transmission Rate

  • Ultra-High Frequency RFID Cards
  1. Standard Frequency:860 - 960 MHz
  2. Cons: Long Read Range, Fast Data Transmission Rate

Dual Frequency Smart Card
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